• El Soundtrack del borracho
    • 1-Bamboleo Ska
    • 2-Santo Domingo Town
    • 3-Callense ya!
    • 4-Ska & Ron
    • 5-y que?
    • 6-El Ritmo
    • 7-El bar de la calle el conde
    • 8-Traicion
    • 9-Juana la Cubana


Más Información

Band Bio: After singing for bands like Ulcer, Hologram and La Gente, Pavel Sr. Reyes launched his solo project on 2007. Known as an energetic and hyperactive performer, Sr. Reyes blend of Ska/Reggae/Swing with Dominican styles like Bachata or Perico Ripiao, has gained him a reputation as one of the most entertaining live acts in the Small world of Dominican alternative scene. His first album, "El Soundtrack del Borracho" it's a mixed of various styles, with a ska-flavored seal on them. If you like to party with a tight live band, go to one of his concerts and you will not be disappointed.