• Speak
    • 01. Beautiful Mistake
    • 02. November Dawnings
    • 03. Stealing Time
    • 04. The Same
    • 05. What You Want To Hear
    • 06. Until You Let Me In


Más Información

Vocals: Eliseo Alba, Guitar: Rahuel Alvarez, Guitar: Peter Prazmowski, Bass: Anton Casasnova, Drums: Jorge Kourie, Keyboard: Nassim Alemany.

Our band started out as a cover band in the mid 90s. In 2002 we decided to create our own music and have been perfecting it for 5 years now.

At first we really were not sure where we were going with this. In time we soon found out that what we were making was music that we actually liked to listen ourselves. We are very proud to have created a sound of our own, and lyrics that speak from the heart.

Our songs speak of our experiences as well as those of others others around us:

Love and Hate, Deception and Truth, SEX, Happiness and Sorrow, Hope and Dispair.

We hope to be able to share our music with as many of you as possible.