• Oui Oui C'est la Vie Mon Ami
    • 01. Rain
    • 02. G.O.D.
    • 03. Anton
    • 04. Seven Sundays
    • 05. Open Your Eyes
    • 06. Jupiter


Más Información

Mustache (pronounced 'moos-STASH') is a Dominican rock band formed in Santo Domingo in 2006. After the disintegration of their rock band "Hagia Sofia" in 2004, Carlos Aybar (Drums) and Bob Fernandez (Bass) remained playing and composing music while looking for members for a new project. In the next few years they went through several potential members but none fit the new musical direction the band was taking. In the early summer of 2006 Jonathan Schmidt (Vocals, Guitar), who was living in New York arrived with the dedication the band needed and took the role of lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The foursome was complete when Ruben Aybar (Guiitar) arrived from Spain and filled the lead guitar gap the band was missing. Setting themselves apart from most of their Dominican contemporaries, Mustache has developed a distinctive rock sound led by their densely layered and guitar-heavy sound, their tight rhythm section and mellow bright melodies. With songs such as "One Last Goodbye", "Deep in the Ocean" and "So Bright" Mustache are poised to leave their mark as one of the leading voices in the Dominican Rock scene.