• 00. Extras
  • 01. Rogue
  • 02. Dark Age
  • 03. Mad Enough
  • 04. The Sand The Sea And The Sun


Más Información

Alleged Suspects is a psychedelic rock band born in 2012 in Santo Domingo, city of the Dominican Republic.

Kendy Reyes (Drums/Vocals) and René Rodríguez (Vocals/Guitar), joined William Ulloa (Vocals/Guitar) and Diego Clark (Bass/Effects/Perc.) both from Santiago, D.R. to make the definitive lineup.

Evolving through rock music, pursuing psychedelia and influenced by esoteric cultures, the Suspects achieved individual and collective goals of self-expression through music when concluding their first EP, inspired by the meditational state. After a lot of difficulties and work, as many independent bands have to face (specially rock music in the D.R.),

Alleged Suspects are humbled to share with all of you band's latest work: "Lé".